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Studio Vivid Collection

From the all new Studio Collection, meet the Studio Vivid Set! 

The Studio Vivid Set is currently the second of four sets in the Studio Collection. Yes, there are more to come!  This Vivid Set is an array of statement colors that give your manicure a strong, clear message. You'll find these colors an absolute dream to apply with their highly pigmented, creamy consistency. We love the new modern bottle design with Pantone-style color swatch label. 

The Studio Collection as a whole is designed for chromatic color coordination. This collection helps nail technicians and their client perfectly pair coordinating colors. Each grouping is based on saturation, brightness and tone. Follow our systematic color charts and you'll never miss match colors again. There are currently 89 colors in the Studio Collection, make sure to collect them all!

The Vivid Collection includes all twelve of the Vivid Set Colors: VD01, VD02, VD03, VD04, VD05, VD06, VD07, VD08, VD09, VD10, VD11 and VD12.

-Level 2 Medium Viscosity

-Cure for 30 seconds in LED or 1 minute in UV.