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Glue Aid - Glue speed accelerant

Glue Aid is formulated to help cure any adhesive you are using faster than it was created to cure! This solution must only be applied at the base of the lash strips, never on the client's lashes. Use during unfavorable environmental conditions as well as humidity and temperature issues. Sometimes temperature and humidity levels will change during application, and when that happens glue properties can change too.

Glue aid will help your glue dry faster when humidity is too low, and you are experiencing a slower dry time or sticky adhesive that doesn't feel like it's curing properly. When your adhesive dries slower than usual, Glue Aid will speed it up, and if you are using a naturally slower drying glue, Glue Aid will give you the extra speed you need to work quickly and efficiantly. A little Glue Aid goes a long way, so use this product minimally. Solution must only be applied on base of the lash strips, not the eyelashes and skin. Not recommended for high humidity environments.